Sunday, January 9, 2011

Hack Your Browser

Hack your Internet browser first

It is my recommendation to use Mozilla Firefox instead of other internet browser because Firefox have thousand of customization option in build for advance user, lots of useful add-on for Firefox are available on the internet to make web simpler, it have in build accelerator to provide faster access to internet and lots of interesting feature.

Some Feature of Firefox

Some general feature :

click here

Hack into Firefox

Now we are going hack the Firefox, in other words we are going to explore the advance settings page of Firefox. The settings are very sensitive to the performance of the browser, DO NOT MODIFY any value unless you are sure about the result.
Here I provide some simple steps to enter the advance setting page:

        1. Open firefox.

        2. Enter this in the address bar
without quote "about:config" and press enter.

about:config warning img
      3. Click on the "I'll be careful, I promise!" button.

about:config page settings img
4. Now you can customize the browser according to your requirement.
Enjoying ultimate customization power provided by Mozilla.

Firefox Add-on

The another reason I like the Firefox is its huge supporting add-on. Add-on like add-block, Indic Input Extension, Google Gears and lots more from the add-on page of Mozilla helps the web simple, secure and attractive.
So keep enjoying the web with Mozilla Firefox and keep in touch